1A – How to update

“Next Page” or “Older Posts” to scroll the older posts – Pagination

“Lessons” I want the lessons to be first to last

               For each lesson create a new page.

               Add a “post grid” (“+” on the right side of the line)

               Change to relevant category

               Change order to ascending

               Look at column number, post per page, and pagination

               General/Content – Max Words on Page goes to 50

General/Read More – Open in new tab

Style/Read More – Colors (white writing, black background – bottom left A1)

          Go to Home Page/Customize/Menu/Add Item

          Go to Home Page/Customize/Sidebar/Lessons,

                              Hit link symbol button and post the URL

                              Hit text button and edit text

               Update the Lessons Page and the Specific Lessons Page

               Update Sidebar

Add “Study Link” in Outline

Standardize the image size? (See Leo’s Sermons)? Not really.