The Story of Creation

The Story of Creation takes a close reading of the first creation story in Genesis 1:1-2:3 within its historical, linguistic, and Scriptural context. Within the first chapter of Scripture we explore topics such as the nature of God, the work of the Trinity, the nature of time, how to read the Scriptures, the (non-)existence of evil, who we are, the nature of salvation, and our responsibilities to creation and to each other. For background in this study, I have used primarily Bereishit (Genesis) Rabbah, the JPS Torah Commentary: Genesis, and St. Augustine’s Confessions. This Epiphany study covers seven weeks.
(Epiphany 2020)

Sunday School Lesson on Genesis 1

This morning we are looking at the Creation narrative set forth in the first few verses of Genesis. I want us to look at three major lessons of the Creation narrative, and how it relates to our life in Christ.
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The Story of Creation – Introduction – Genesis 1

Within my spiritual walk, the story of creation provides an endless resource of unfathomable depth to contemplate the great mysteries and questions of our faith. My goal during Epiphany is to introduce you to and bring you along on my contemplative journey through Genesis 1.
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The Story of Creation – Week 2(b) – Genesis 1:1a

As we begin to spiritually unveil the deeper meaning of Scripture, our goal is to see who God is, who we are we, and the relationship between the two. There is no “right” answer, there is only growing closer to the Ultimate Divine Reality.
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The Story of Creation – Week 3(b) – Genesis 1:1b-2

“The earth was without form and void/ and darkness was upon the face of the deep/ and the Ruach Elohim moved over the face of the waters.” Let your mind’s eye see what the passage is saying about who God is, who we are, and how we relate.
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