Everywhere Present – A Contemplative Study

In his book, Everywhere Present: Christianity in a One-Storey Universe, Fr. Stephen Freeman seeks to awaken us to the Reality of God’s living and active presence in our lives. God is not confined in a heaven distanced from our present existence or only found at the end of time but is truly transformingly present in the here and now. We simply must open our eyes. The Easter study covers six weeks.
(Easter 2021)

Eastertide Study 2021 – “Everywhere Present”

The human problem is our lack of perception of God as a living and active presence in our lives. In his book, Fr. Freeman hopes to open our eyes more fully to this Reality and to lead us into a deeper communion with the One who Is.
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Everywhere Present – Week 3(a) – Christian Atheism

The question that Fr. Freeman gives to us is whether our “Christian faith” truly makes a difference in us. If you stepped away from the Church and your faith would you be the same person? Is God truly present in your life?
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Everywhere Present – Week 5(b) – The Mystery of Persons

For he who loves his enemies loves his neighbor perfectly and loves God perfectly, being conformed to the Spirit of the Savior-God Who stretched out His arms on the Cross and embraced all, friends and enemies alike, those far from Him and those near to Him, those who know Him…
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