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Robert Capon – The Sower, pt.2

In this chapter, Capon explores the themes of Catholicity, Mystery, Actuality, and Hostility and Response that are present in the Sower and that we will be discussing throughout his book.
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Robert Capon – The Sower, pt.1

Jesus is aware that his teaching ministry has failed. Everyone – from the common laborer to the religious leaders – is looking for a new David to reestablish a Jewish kingdom ruled by God’s Anointed under God’s Law. Jesus has failed to overcome and correct his audience’s grossly mistaken expectations of…
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The Revelation – The End – Rev. 21-22, pt.1

This is the promised reality for us, the Bride of Christ. John gives us a vision of a redeemed and transformed creation from which all manner of evil and ungodliness are absent and the church is that beautiful, life-giving, at-one-ness with God.
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The Revelation – Christ Victorious – Rev. 19

The judgment Jesus speaks is a warning of what the opposition will reap if they did not stop sowing seeds of rebellion. To reject Jesus’ words of life is to die. This image in Revelation is intended to be Christ’s last call for repentance.
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