Living His Story – A Lenten Study

In Living His Story (the Archbishop of Canterbury’s 2021 Lenten Study), the Rev. Dr. Hannah Steele explores evangelism as a way of sharing God’s love with our neighbors in a post-Christian world. Evangelism is an invitation to others to switch stories and therefore to a changed life. Lent is the ideal time for us to recover and relearn our story so that we are then prepared to share the Good News of Christ’s Resurrection on Easter Sunday. This lesson covers seven weeks.
(Lent 2022)

Living His Story – Week 2(a) – The Initiative of God

Evangelism is theocentric (originating in God) not anthropocentric (originating in the needs of humanity). It is defined, directed, energized, and accomplished through the Trinity and not through us. We have a role to play as simply the messenger or storyteller.
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