The Prophetic Imagination – A Lenten Study

In his seminal work, The Prophetic Imagination, Walter Brueggemann seeks both to awaken within us a consciousness and perception of God’s freedom to stand in contrast with the dominant culture and to energize us to live in fervent anticipation of the newness that arises from this freedom. His work provides us the narrative to intentionally engage in the process of self-examination and see where we claim an ownership of God to the detriment of others and even to ourselves. I have used Abraham Heschel’s The Prophets to provide additional background. This Lenten study covers six weeks.
(Lent 2024)

The Prophetic Imagination – The Alternative Community of Moses, pt.1

The initial example that Bruggemann uses to speak about the world and the prophetic imagination to both criticize the world and to energize an alternative vision is Pharoah and Moses. If you have time this week, read Exodus 1-3 and see where the Scriptures describe the world versus the prophetic alternative.
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The Prophetic Imagination – Royal Consciousness, pt.1

Under Solomon, the politics and religion of Israel become well-ordered. But this transition is not a God-ordered society but a royal-ordered society. In our consciousness, like Israel, we do not want God’s order, we want our order with ourselves in control.
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The Prophetic Imagination – Royal Consciousness, pt.2

He writes that Israel exchanged freedom for order, justice for security, and passion for satiation. The royal consciousness stands against any change. It saps our capacity and readiness to care and suffer for others, and to block out the cries of those who do.
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