The Second Epistle of Peter

In this study, we are reading through 2 Peter. This letter was written to both undergird the faith in the second coming and to warn against false teachers. The writer of the letter is unknown, but the underlying message most likely goes back to Peter himself. For the background of this study, I am using Luke Timothy Johnson’s The Writings of the New Testament, Ben Witherington’s Letters and Homilies for Hellenized Christians, Vol. II, and Amy-Jill Levine’s The Jewish Annotated New Testament. This summer study is for four weeks.
(Summer 2023)

2 Peter – An Introduction

The writer’s primary goal is not to point out errant teachings and beliefs. Rather, the purpose of the letter is to build up the community. We should always be alert to those teachings and people that create divisions and draw us away from a life in Christ.
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2 Peter 1:12-21, Peter’s Testimony

Peter is telling us that we will know from our own experience when Jesus returns in glory because Peter had this same experience at the Transfiguration. We must be patient in our expectations.
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2 Peter 2, Peter and Jude

The purpose of 2 Peter 2 is to warn against false teachers. In this chapter, the writer sets up a comparison between the present false teachers and the historical precedent of false prophets within the Hebrew Scriptures.
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2 Peter 3:1-13, Last Things

The scoffers ask, therefore, if Jesus was going to return, shouldn’t have he returned by now? The writer (maybe quoting Peter) gives us two answers to this question – time and fire.
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2 Peter 3:14-18, The Conclusion

he reason these teachers must be avoided, however, is because they will prevent us from growing in the knowledge and grace of Jesus Christ. This is our goal, and anything that interferes with this goal must be avoided.
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