Everywhere You Look – Pastor Tim Soren

In his book, Everywhere You Look: Discovering the Church Right Where You ArePastor Tim Sorens explores the question “What is the purpose of the Church?”  His concern in this book is not what the church believes or how we worship on Sunday morning but having us think through how the local parish church can take practical and actionable steps to be the light and leaven where we live and work, and not simply an end unto itself. This autumn study covers eight weeks.
(Autumn 2023)

Everywhere You Look, Introduction

Sorens has written a book that teems with hope and possibility for the future, a hope that the church need not reiterate our mistaken past, and a possibility that real people in real time and real circumstances can live out the why of God.
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Everywhere You Look, The Forward

The church (meaning both The Church and our local congregation) can either be about institutional decay or vibrant movement. We can either be preoccupied with survival and maintenance or we can be moving forward in creating and renewing both our church community and our wider secular communities.
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Everywhere You Look, Chapter 2: The Big Why, pt.3

Our Why is “God’s Dream.” For Soren, God’s Dream is that of a reconciliation and renewal of all things for, as Paul writes, “Christ reconciled us to himself and gave us the ministry of reconciliation.” 2 Cor. 5:18
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Everywhere You Look, Ch.4: The Megachurch Next Door, pt.2

As a particular congregation, with a particular story, in a particular place, we necessarily have our limitations. However, those limitations help establish our particular charisms. Most importantly, these limitations give us the ability to see what portion of the Invisible Church we are to go out into.
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Everywhere You Look, Ch.6: The Same Team, pt.1

Church divisions, particularly those that mirror the divisions in society, make the gospel a lie. If we vilify our fellow Christians and create a community based on a mutual dislike of the other, then what do we have to offer the world as an alternative way of being.
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Everywhere You Look, Ch.7: Learning from Local Heros, pt.2

Instead of focusing on needs and problems, what if we focused on the gifts and strengths of those in our community? What if we decide to look for assets and not needs? As Soren puts it, let’s focus “on what’s strong instead of what’s wrong.”
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Everywhere You Look, Ch.8: Already Here, pt.2

By prioritizing Connections we are fighting back against the storm of individualism and polarization that is overtaking our society. Every good thing that we seek to do in the world, should start with these Connections
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Everywhere You Look, A Follow-Up

For this week’s lesson, we are going to share our own personal experiences and insight into how and where the Spirit is moving in Myrtle Beach. I want us to share the opportunities that we have to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the world.
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