James 1:12-15

The three necessary and sufficient conditions for committing a sin are: receiving an evil suggestion, taking pleasure in the thought of performing the act suggested, and consenting to perform the act.

Romans 13, pt.2

What does it look like to have love govern all things. If love is the lens through which to interpret Scripture, how do our Bibles readings change?  If love governs our actions, how does our behaviour change?  If love dictates our thoughts, how does we change?

Romans 5, pt.2

Do not understand our reconciliation to God through the death of Christ as if He now began to love those whom He formerly hated, in the same way as enemies are reconciled so that they become friends; but we were reconciled unto Him who already loved us, but with whom we were at enmity because sin.

Romans 5, pt.1

Focusing on Adam and sin in Romans 5 is similar to focusing on the shadows and background of a painting to the detriment of seeing the brightness and centrality of the subject matter. Paul’s proclaims the gospel of the risen Christ and not to answer the question of why we sin.