John Calvin

Romans 8, pt.2

“For those whom he foreknew, he predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son . . . And those who he predestined he also called, and those who he called he also justified, and those who he justified he also glorified.” Reformed T.U.L.I.P vs. Wesleyan D.A.I.S.Y.

Romans 5, pt.2

Do not understand our reconciliation to God through the death of Christ as if He now began to love those whom He formerly hated, in the same way as enemies are reconciled so that they become friends; but we were reconciled unto Him who already loved us, but with whom we were at enmity because sin.

The Creed – The Church, pt.1

Church is Mother. In the Church we are conceived and given spiritual birth. She nurses us in our infancy, brings us up as children, and guides us into mature perfection. She is there to pick us up when we fall and to encourage us when we lag.  – John Calvin

A Sermon on the Beatitudes

So what does that return look like? A return to the beatific plumb line is not a matter of your own effort to just be better tomorrow. Rather it is a true return to God Himself. If your heart is out of plumb seek him out. Be in constant prayer with God.  Words are unnecessary. Go wherever you feel his presence and simply be.