Bad Girls of the Bible – Introduction

During Epiphany we will be reading through Liz Curtis Higgs’s book Bad Girls of the Bible – And What We Can Learn from Them.  Higgs has a wonderful insight into these women and their struggles and personalities.  We will be using Higgs’s book as a reference point to explore these women of the Bible and what they can teach us about ourselves and about God’s grace.  You can follow Higgs at If you need me to order a book for you, please let me know.

As Higgs tells us, this book comes out of her troubled childhood and very troubled early adulthood.  She says that when she became a Christian and began studying the women of the Bible she failed to identify with the saintly women of the Bible.  She lacked the faithfulness of Ruth, the courageousness of Ester, and the innocence of Mary. Rather, she saw herself in the less-than-stellar women of the Bible. As she writes “Something clicked inside of me when I happened upon Jezebel.” (p.5)

In her book, Higgs introduces us to these very human less-than-sellar women with whom she so closely identifies.  After introducing each woman, she gets us a brief lesson on what we can learn from them. She also gives us a series of questions to consider about these women and how their stories can also be seen as our stories. I hope you can join us in the New Year. The video introduction to her book is HERE.

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