Bad Girls of the Bible – Mrs. Potiphar, pt.1

This Tuesday we are continuing with our reading of Liz Curtis Higgs’ book Bad Girls of the Bible.  This week we will meet Potiphar’s wife. Mrs. Potiphar makes her appearance within the story of Joseph as told to us in Genesis 37-50.  Please read the story of Joseph and Mrs. Potiphar in Genesis 39. As you read through the story, look at the different layers of indiscretion we encounter. There is Mr. Potiphar, an official in Pharaoh’s court, who is nowhere to be seen in the story, except at the very beginning and very end. For Mrs. Potiphar (whose name we never learn) there is the desire for Joseph that is constant and for which she actively seeks the opportunity to carry out her desires. There is also the cover-up by Mrs. Potiphar of her actions. And finally, there is Joseph, who although he rebuffs her advances, nonetheless appears to be entertained by them.  Finally, there is a great soap-operatic quality to the story, so we should have a good discussion on Tuesday.

Mrs. Higgs’ blog post on Mrs. Potipher is HERE. Her discussion this week is:

The tawdry story of Mrs. P demonstrates what can happen when we have too much time on our hands—or not enough attention from loved ones. Boredom, restlessness, and a sense of entitlement can lead to trouble with a capital T.  When you have an hour to spare, are you sometimes drawn to questionable choices in movies, novels, or other forms of entertainment? What steps might you take to steer clear of those things that appeal to your flesh at the risk of your spiritual growth?

Dinner is at 6. The menu is chicken and eggplant parmigiana. Discussion about 6:45. Please bring a friend.  

Deliver me, O Lord, from lying lips *
and from the deceitful tongue.

Psalm 120:2

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