Ezekiel 1 – 1:1-3:15, pt.2

We are beginning our Epiphany study of Ezekiel this evening. We will be reading through Ezekiel’s call as a prophet as set forth in  Ezekiel 1:1 – 3:15. There is no required reading for tomorrow, however, I have attached Homily 1 of Origin of Alexandria (184-253)’s Homilies on Ezekiel in which he discusses how Ezekiel prefigures Christ (see section 4, p.32), and particularly Christ at his baptism. Whenever we read the Old Testament, its importance is not in the historical narrative but in how it discloses the will and story of God which finds fulfillment in Jesus Christ and his Church. This is Origin’s approach to preaching the prophet, and generally how we will read through him as well.  

The menu for Tuesday is lamb tagine with dates and sweet potatoes. Dinner is at 6 with discussion at 6:45. Compline about 8. Please bring a friend or neighbor. Hope to see you here.

So then, by the river Chebar, Ezekiel saw the heavens opened when he was thirty years old. And the Lord Jesus Christ, “when he began he was about
thirty years old” [Luke 3:23], by the Jordan River [cf. Matt 3:13], and “the heavens were opened” [Luke 3:21]. And throughout the entire
prophecy of Ezekiel, he is called: “son of man.”

Origin of Alexandria, Homily 1 on Ezekiel, sec. 4

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