Ezekiel 3 – Ezek. 13-15, pt.1

This week we are gathering to discuss Ezekiel 13-15. In these chapters, Ezekiel condemns the false prophets and false leaders of God’s people. False prophets were somewhat common. See, 1 Kings 22:13-28, Jer. 28). Ezekiel ends this section with a parable of a useless vine that is consumed by fire. Cf. John 15:6.  As you read through these chapters, read them not only from a historical, literal view, but most importantly, read them in light of Christ and his Church, and where and how false prophets and leaders in the Church arise and how they affect the Church of Christ. I have attached the Holman Commentary on these verse which provide a good simple overview of the readings. I have also attached Origen’s Homilies (2-5) on these readings. You don’t have to read Origen, but I include him so that we might read and understand scripture in the way that the early Church read and understood the scripture.

Dinner this week is chicken mole with coriander rice. We hope to see you here.

And even today, there are in the true Israel, that is in the church, certain false prophets and false teachers to whom these words are making an advance announcement. . . . I do not want to become one of those whom the Scripture is now chastening, but one of those who stand forth as teachers in teh church, who preach the word of God in all its truth.

Origen, Homily 2, sec. 2

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