Galatians 4:12-31, pt.2

This Tuesday we will be reading through Galatians 4:12-31. Beginning in Galatians 2:15, Paul begins his argument that we achieve salvation by faith and not by works. Paul will continue this argument through the end of his letter. In part of our readings this week, however, Paul interrupts his argument in vv.12-20 to make a personal and emotional appeal to his audience. It is as if we are witnesses to a lecture being given by a teacher, who suddenly stops in the middle of his point, takes off his glasses, puts down his chalk/marker, and begins to address his students personally. Paul sets aside his logical reasoning and makes an appeal to friendship, loyalty, and to their common experience in Christ together. The problem for us is that we lack this personal bond and shared experience with Paul, and therefore, we can only speculate as to the specifics of which he speaks. Please read over this section carefully, and notice the familial concern that Paul has for his people.

Dinner is at 6. Discussion about 6:45. Hope to see you here. Please bring a friend.

Therefore my loins are filled with anguish; pangs have seized me, like the pangs of a woman in travail; I am bowed down so that I cannot hear, I am dismayed so that I cannot see.

Isaiah 21:3

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