Imitation of Christ – Book 1, Ch.10-12, pt.2

Tonight we are reading through chapters 10-12 of The Imitation of Christ.  These selections end with a meditation on the benefits of suffering and trial. If one of the goals of the Christian life is to imitate Christ in his humility (See, Philippians 2), then according to á Kempis, troubles and hardships, slander and non-recognition are beneficial because they instill humility and prevent pride. In his Ascetical Homily no. 42, St. Isaac the Syrian links trials and humility thusly: “In proportion to your humility you are given patience in your woes; and in proportion to your patience the burden of your afflictions is made lighter and you will find consolation; in proportion to your consolation, your love of God increases; and in proportion to your love, your joy in the Holy Spirit is magnified. Once men have truly become His sons, our tenderly compassionate Father does not take away their temptations from them when it is His pleasure to ‘make for them a way to escape’ (1 Cor. 10:13), but instead, He gives His sons patience in their trials. All these good things are given into the hand of their patience for the perfecting of their souls.” As you read through chapter 12, think about whether trials and hardships themselves are Good or Evil.  If they come from God, then they are the former but if God merely sends us the means with which to handle the trials, but not the trials themselves, then they are the latter.

Dinner is at 6. The menu is Seewee Outpost Seafood Quiche. Discussion about 6:45. Please bring a friend. Hope to see you here.

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