Imitation of Christ – Book 2, Ch.9-12, pt.1

This week we are wrapping up Book II of The Imitation of Christ and placing it on the shelf for a while. Please pray, read, and meditate over chapters 9-12 of Book II this week.  One of the great benefits of reading through The Imitation is that does not sugarcoat the difficulties and setbacks experienced by those who truly seek to become Christ-like. Throughout the book, á Kempis tells us that we will always have difficulties and always fall short.  His intention, however, is not to dissuade us from seeking Christ, but rather to let us know that our difficulties and failures are common to all so that we should not lose heart.  Chapter nine speaks of the ups and downs of our journey towards Christ.  á Kempis uses the words of Psalm 30 to show us that often when we are most assured of God’s favor (especially after having triumphed over a particular difficulty), that is the time it appears God hides his face from us and abandons us.  The lesson, of course, is not to be discouraged during this dark night of the soul for it is common to all of us and is but temporary.

This is our last week in The Imitation of Christ. I would encourage you to continue through Books III and IV. On June 9 we will begin our summer study on 2 Corinthians. The study will not be as intense as the last several months. Please feel free to invite someone new to join us as we read through this Epistle. 

Dinner is a 6.  The menu is chicken parmigiana.  Discussion about 6:45.  Hope to see you here.

When you no longer feel the comfort of God’s presence, do not despair right away. With humility and patience, wait for the heavenly visit, for God will return a richer comfort to you than you had before.

Book 2, Chapter 9

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