Romans 15-16, pt.1

Whether we meet this week will depend upon Hurricane Irma.  If we do meet, we will read Romans 15:14-16:27.  Romans 16 is Paul’s most extensive farewell, particularly in the number of people he mentions.  Paul had never visited this church and so Paul may be specifically greeting everyone in the congregation that he knew.  For those of you who volunteered to research a person or persons Paul names, your homework is to research the people mentioned in the following verses. is a great place to start or simply Google.  The assignments are as follows:

    Joe and Kim: Aquilla and Prisca
    Charlie – 16:5-7
    David – 16:8-9
    Stella – 16:10-11
    Dave – 16:12-13
    Gay C. – 16:14
    Amy – 16:15

If possible, please be prepared to tell us who the people are in these verses. Some of the people, you will be unable to find anywhere else but in Romans 16.

Next week we will begin our study of hymns.  If there is any particular hymn  – ranging from the Old Testament to what is playing on the radio today –  that you would like us to review, please let me know.

Almighty God, who calmed the storm tossing
the disciples’ boat, calm the fears that beset
us as we await Hurricane Irma: Grant us the
peace that comes from you alone as we sit
with the uncertainty of evacuation and in fear
of damage to our homes and our communities,
draw us ever closer to you, and give us the
grace to comfort and aid others in need;
through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord. Amen.

Rev. Frank Logue
Canon to the Ordinary at Episcopal Diocese of Georgia

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