Romans 8:26-39, pt.2

At tonight’s gathering, we will, hopefully, read through the remainder of Romans 8 beginning with verse 26 and maybe make it into chapter 9.  Chapter 8 concludes the first part of this letter where Paul addresses sin and death, i.e. separation from God.  And it is here in this conclusion that Paul emphasizes that we cannot be separated from God.  Within these last verses (vv.31-39), you should hear a faint echo of the final promises the prophets made to Israel. Despite her tribulation, Israel remains the elect of God. (cf, Psalm 105, Isa 44:1-5, Wis. 3:9)  But for Paul, “Israel” are the spiritual descendants of Abraham, not his blood descendants (Rom 9:8). Therefore, Paul is reevaluating the promises, and applies them here not to a nationality but to a new people who are in Christ.  For tonight, think about those promises of restoration after the tribulation (Amos 9:11-15, Jer. 30; Isa. 14, Hos. 1:10) that are fulfilled within the church. 

At the end of chapter 8, Paul provides a list of things that cannot separate us from God.  Paul’s list is not meant to be an exhaustive list.  For tonight, read Romans 8:37-39 and think about what else should be added to your list.  What do you perceive as a barrier between you and God’s love?  Is there anything that can separate you from God’s love? Can you willfully separate yourself from God’s love? Answers tonight.

Dinner is at 6.  The menu is gourmet French toast and bacon. Discussion about 6:45.  Hope to see you here.

But the Lord will never give up his mercy,
    nor cause any of his works to perish;
he will never blot out the descendants of his chosen one,
    nor destroy the posterity of him who loved him;

Sirach 47:22a

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