The Psalms – Holy Week

I thought last week went very well looking at the Psalms of Entry and  Praise. I still have Keith’s reading of Psalm 24 (King of Glory) reverberating in my ears. However, just as the celebration of Palm Sunday turns into the wailing of Good Friday, so shall we. This Week we are going to look at the Psalms of Holy Week. Before reading the Psalms please read at least one of the Passion Narratives – Matt. 26:30-27:56, Mark 14:32-15:47, Luke 22:39-23:56, and/or John 18:1-19:42. The Psalms we are reading and studying are Psalm 22 (Passion (Palm) Sunday), Psalm 78 (Maundy Thursday), Psalm 69 (Good Friday), and Psalm 31 (Holy Saturday). Also, please skim through the Holy Week services in the 1979 Book of Common Prayer (pp. 270-82, attached). As you read through the respective Psalm, be aware of how that particular Psalm speaks to the particular day on which it is read, and most importantly how the message of the Psalm is fulfilled in Christ.

We are not meeting on Thursday, March 28. There is the Sedar dinner at church. Please sign up, or email me back, and I will sign you up. Beginning on Easter Thursday and for the following four weeks we will study the Resurrection appearances in the New Testament, celebrate the Ascension on May 9, and finish up with a study of Pentecost.

Dinner is at 6. And remember that also on this Thursday, on the Feast of Thomas Cranmer, Justin Welby will be enthroned as the new Archbishop of Canterbury.

Teaching Notes: Psalms of Holy Week
BCP 270-83
Psalms 22 (Passion (Palm) Sunday), Psalm 78 (Maundy Thursday), Psalm 69 (Good Friday), Psalm 31 (Holy Saturday)

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