The Psalms – Imprecatory Psalms

This week we will be looking at the imprecatory or cursing Psalms. Instead of doing a close reading of a sampling of these Psalms, this week we will look at how Lewis, Bonhoeffer, and Augustine handle these Psalms.  Hopefully, they will guide us as to how to appropriately read the same. We will read over Psalms 5, 7, 9, 35, 58, 109, and 137. We will discuss Chapter 3 “The Cursings” of C.S. Lewis’ Reflection on the Psalms and “The Enemies” in Bonhoeffer’s Psalms. We will conclude the lesson with St. Augustine’s interpretation of Psalm 137 (attached). Please read the two chapters and the attachment for Thursday.

Dinner will start at 6. Betty Anne is fixing chicken bog. Hope to see you then.

Teaching Notes:
Psalms 109, 137, 58, 4, 35
Bonhoeffer “The Enemies”; Lewis, Ch.3
     Psalms 137 (Augustine)

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