You Are Gods – Waking the Gods, part 4

Hart ends this first essay in his book, You Are Gods, with an appeal to the Incarnation. Chalcedon teaches that: Christ Jesus is “the same perfect in godhead, the same perfect in manhood, truly God and truly man, the same of a reasonable soul and body; homoousios with the Father in godhead, and the same homoousios with us in manhood … acknowledged in two natures without confusion, without change, without division, without separation.” For Hart, this formulation “asserts that humanity is so naturally compatible with divinity that the Son can be both fully divine and fully human at once.” p.18. If these two natures were not naturally compatible then two natures could not fully co-exist with one another within one being without a substantive change to one or both natures. Or as Hart puts it, unless the two natures were fully compatible, then Jesus would be a “semi-divine monstrosity: either a divine-human chimaera or a divine-human hybrid.” p.19. What we see in the Incarnation is the deepest truth of rational nature wherein the Logos is both the same substance of God and Man without any confusion, change, division, or separation betwixt the two. They are ultimately the same.

The difference between humanity and divinity is simply one of perspective. Creation and Deification are merely waypoints on the same continuum of grace. It is grace all the way down and nature all the way up. “Creation, incarnation, salvation, deification: in God, these are one gracious act, one absolute divine vocation to the creature to become what he has always called it to become.” p.19. The very essence of human nature from creation “is become an ever more radiant mirror of the divine beauty and ever more fully intimacy of the divine presence.” p.20.

Hart concludes his essay with the understanding (going back at least to On the Incarnation), that God, in his grace, has called us, rational spiritual creatures, our of the darkness of non-being into the infinite beauty of divine nature. To be is simply to have heard this and responded to this vocation. Creation is already deification. Creation is a theogony for we are Gods. The free and unmerited agapic grace of creation is nothing less than “the call that awakens the gods.”

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