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The Psalms – The Penitential Psalms

this Thursday we will be studying the seven great penitential Psalms (Psalms 51, 6, 32, 38, 130, 143, 102). This grouping goes back at least to a 6th-century Roman commentary on the Psalms.
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The Psalms – Imprecatory Psalms

This week we will be looking at the imprecatory or cursing Psalms. Instead of doing a close reading of a sampling of these Psalms, this week we will look at how Lewis, Bonhoeffer, and Augustine handle these Psalms.
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The Psalms – Compline

This week we will look at the Psalms of the Compline service, and not only the four Psalms explicitly mentioned in the service, but also other psalms which find their way into the service within the various prayers and responses.
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The Psalms – An Overview

This week we are simply going to have a brief overview of the Psalms by looking at how to read and interpret the Psalms. We will end the study this week by having individuals share a particular Psalm that is dear to them (no participation required).
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Sunday School Lesson on Genesis 1

This morning we are looking at the Creation narrative set forth in the first few verses of Genesis. I want us to look at three major lessons of the Creation narrative, and how it relates to our life in Christ.
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