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Everywhere You Look, The Forward

The church (meaning both The Church and our local congregation) can either be about institutional decay or vibrant movement. We can either be preoccupied with survival and maintenance or we can be moving forward in creating and renewing both our church community and our wider secular communities.
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Everywhere You Look, Introduction

Sorens has written a book that teems with hope and possibility for the future, a hope that the church need not reiterate our mistaken past, and a possibility that real people in real time and real circumstances can live out the why of God.
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2 Peter 3:14-18, The Conclusion

he reason these teachers must be avoided, however, is because they will prevent us from growing in the knowledge and grace of Jesus Christ. This is our goal, and anything that interferes with this goal must be avoided.
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2 Peter 3:1-13, Last Things

The scoffers ask, therefore, if Jesus was going to return, shouldn’t have he returned by now? The writer (maybe quoting Peter) gives us two answers to this question – time and fire.
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2 Peter 2, Peter and Jude

The purpose of 2 Peter 2 is to warn against false teachers. In this chapter, the writer sets up a comparison between the present false teachers and the historical precedent of false prophets within the Hebrew Scriptures.
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2 Peter 1:12-21, Peter’s Testimony

Peter is telling us that we will know from our own experience when Jesus returns in glory because Peter had this same experience at the Transfiguration. We must be patient in our expectations.
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