The Psalms – Praises and Palm Sunday, pt.2

This week we are going to look at the two great psalms of entry (Psalm 24:7-10, 118:15-29) and the great psalms of praise (100, 147-150) in preparation for Palm Sunday. Attached is St. Methodius (815-885)’s Oration on the Psalms. Notice how his oration is not a verse-by-verse explanation of a particular psalm, but rather addresses the topic more generally. Also, notice how he references biblical passages as diverse as the Parable of the Ten Pounds, Isaac’s blessing of Jacob, the Song of Moses, and David’s bringing of the Ark of the Covenant into Jerusalem to explain what it means to bless Him who is blessed, so that we too may be blessed. A more modern interpretation of these Psalms is provided by Charles Spurgeon, who has a more typical verse-by-verse explanation. Here is a link to Spurgeon’s exposition of Psalm 24 and Psalm 100. These aren’t required readings for Thursday, but I thought these two approaches to these psalms may help you in your readings of the psalms for this week.

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