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The Screwtape Letters – 7 & 8

But is in the Dark Night of the Soul where transformation ultimately takes place. Think back to those dark places in your life when God appeared to be absent and see how you are now different on the other side.
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The Screwtape Letters – 5 & 6

Reflect on how war, suffering, or any other evil in human society can often be a means of turning people towards God. Also, reflect on how the modern world’s concealment of death and suffering can prevent us from turning fully towards God.
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Jonah 2 – The Sign of Jonah

The sign of Jonah goes beyond simply the understanding that Jesus, like Jonah, will spend three days in the belly of Sheol. The Sign of Jonah is only complete when the fish vomits the incorruptible Jonah out.
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Jonah 1:4-17 – Sailors and Angels

Jonah flees from God and God’s instruction into a tempestuous chaos. Like Jonah, the natural and consequent result in fleeing from God is that life becomes chaotic, and we are tossed like a ship caught in a tempest upon the sea.
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