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The Way of Love: Learn

“Scripture is like a river again, broad and deep, shallow enough here for the lamb to go wading, but deep enough there for the elephant to swim.” We can never quit learning.
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The Way of Love: How to Turn

We do not turn to earn God’s love but we turn in order to give thanks and enjoy God’s vast love for us. As John writes, we love others because God first loved us. 1 John 4:19.
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The Way of Love: Turn

The first step in developing a Christian life is simply turning. We need to turn toward God and away from self-centeredness.
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Prayer in the Night – All for Your Love’s Sake: Dawn

Darkness is not explained, but it is defeated. Night is not a riddle to be solved, but a mystery to be endured until it too is overcome by the light. In those dark times, we must always remember the end. It might be Good Friday, but Easter is coming.
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Prayer in the Night – Soothe the Suffering: Comfort, pt.2

In soothing our suffering, Jesus does not make us stronger. He may not even take away the cause of the suffering itself. But the promise he gives us is that in facing our suffering he will make it known that his grace is sufficient for us. 2 Cor. 12:9.
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