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The David Saga, Episode 6 – The War of Saul’s Succession.

For this week, please read 2 Samuel 1-4. This week’s episode is the story of the War of Saul’s Succession. LAST WEEK: In Episode 5 last week, David fled Saul into Philistine territory and became a vassal of the Philistine king Achish of Gath (Goliath’s hometown). David was given the town of Ziklag …
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The David Saga, Episode 5 – Saul’s Death

For this week please read 1 Samuel 27-31. This week’s episode is one of treachery, death, and ultimately redemption. LAST WEEK: Last Week’s episode begins with David’s massacre of the Philistines during the siege of Keilah. Only after the battle does Saul arrive in the town. Saul’s purpose was not to help the town against …
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The David Saga, Episode 4 – David the Outlaw

For week 4 of the Story of David, please read 1 Samuel 23-26. This week’s story is about David’s life as an outlaw and fugitive from Saul. LAST WEEK: In Episode 3 last week, we saw how Saul sought David’s life on numerous occasions. Saul rightly sees David as the primary threat to …
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The David Saga, Episode 3 – Saul’s Jealousy

For week 3 of the Story of David, please read 1 Samuel 18-22. This week’s story is about Saul’s murderous jealous rage towards David which culminates in the massacre of the priestly village of Nob. Last Week In Episode 2 last week, David comes on the scene with his singular victory over the Philistine …
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The David Saga, Episode 2 – Goliath

This week is Episode 2 of the David Saga. Please read 1 Samuel 17 where David encounters and slays Goliath of Gath. Last Week Last week’s episode opens with Samuel informing King Saul that God has withdrawn his favor from King Saul. Under the pretense of offering a sacrifice, and unknown to Saul, Samuel …
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The David Saga, Episode 1 – Shepherd Boy and Musician

Most of us know the basic bible stories of David – his anointing by Samuel, his conquest of Jerusalem, and his indiscretions with Bathsheba. Throughout this season, we will be looking at these narratives and more. The story of David is the original Game of Thrones filled with passion, rebellion, fraternizing …
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Resurrection – Trinity

Last Sunday was Trinity Sunday. The word “Trinity” doesn’t appear in Scripture, although there are hints particularly in the Great Commission (Matt 28:19) and Paul’s farewell in Second Corinthians (2 Cor. 13:13). The word itself first appears in the late second-century writing by Tertullian called Against Praxeas. There are different ways of approaching the Trinity. …
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Resurrection – Pentecost

This Sunday is the Feast of Pentecost. For today, please read the story of Pentecost in Acts 2. “Pentecost” means fiftieth in Greek. It is the Jewish festival of Shavout, and takes place fifty days after the Passover. The festival’s origins were to celebrate the grain harvest (Deut. 16:9-11). Jewish tradition dating back …
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Resurrection – Ascension Day

This Thursday is Ascension Day, which occurs 40 days after Easter. Only Luke, in both his gospel and in Acts, tells about the Ascension. (Luke 24:50-53 and Acts 1:6-11). For tonight, please read and meditate on the longer passage from Acts. For me, Ascension Day is the most neglected of all Feast Days on the Church’s …
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Resurrection – Gospel of John

For this evening, please read through the story of the Resurrection as told to us by John in John 20-21. Before reading this account, re-read the prologue to John’s gospel found in John 1:1-18. This prologue finds its fulfillment in John’s Resurrection account. In John’s account, we also have one of the great …
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Resurrection – Gospel of Luke

For tonight, please read the Resurrection account as given to us in Luke 24. Please read chapter 16 of N. T. Wright’s review of Luke’s account from his book The Resurrection of the Son of God. THE TOMB: Luke’s account of the Resurrection begins the same way as in Mark and Matthew – the three …
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Resurrection – Gospel of Matthew

This evening, please read the Resurrection narrative given to us in Matthew 28. I have attached the excerpt concerning the gospel of Matthew from N. T. Wright’s The Resurrection of the Son of God if you wish to dive deeper into the text. Although 97% of Mark’s gospel text is found in Matthew, Matthew will rework Mark …
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