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Bad Girls of the Bible – Rahab, pt.1

In Scripture, Rahab goes from being a Canaanite common prostitute to being one of the greatest examples of faith and the direct ancestor of Jesus. Her story of faith and redemption may be the greatest told in all of Scripture.
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Bad Girls of the Bible – Delilah, pt.1

The story of Samson and Delilah is one of the great romantic tragedies in Scripture. . . . As pointed out by Mrs. Higgs, Delilah is a complex character with many unknowns.
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Bad Girls of the Bible – The Samaritan Woman @ the Well, pt.2

This outcast Samaritan woman we meet at the well becomes the first apostle. After this encounter, John tells us that she left her water jar and went back to the village to proclaim Jesus, and “many Samaritans from that city believed in him because of the woman’s testimony.”
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Bad Girls of the Bible – Mrs. Lot, pt.2

The sin of Sodom, therefore, goes beyond inhospitality and sexual lust for heavenly beings. Ezekiel’s statement also gives us an insight into Mrs. Lot’s character and why she longingly looked back to her life in the city.
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Bad Girls of the Bible – Mrs. Potiphar, pt.2

This story has an interesting life after the Scriptures. In later rabbinic literature and in the Koran, this story is reworked with some of the gaps in the Biblical narratives filled in or changed.
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Bad Girls of the Bible – Introduction

She says that when she became a Christian and began studying the women of the Bible she failed to identify with the saintly women of the Bible.  But, as writes, “Something clicked inside of me when I happened upon Jezebel.”
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