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Becoming a Healing Presence: Inner Stillness, pt.2

The cultivation of God’s peace and God’s love within us begins with us intentionally seeking an inner stillness that opens us to contemplative prayer and through contemplation to be transformed and through transformation to be able to go out to others. 
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Becoming a Healing Presence: Inner Stillness, pt.1

We have the example of Elijah who looked for God in the activity of the whirlwind, the power of the earthquake, and the excitement of the fire; but who only heard God in that still, small voice of sheer silence. 1 Kings 19:12.
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Becoming a Healing Presence – Introduction

To become this healing presence for others we must first be continuously healed and renewed ourselves through an active relationship with Jesus because we cannot pass on that which we do not possess.
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A Sermon on Peter’s Confession

In following Jesus the Messiah, we are a people of prayer, of proclamation, and of an abiding humility.  We follow him in peace, respecting the dignity of others, and caring for their physical needs.  And, like the Messiah, we are a people of forgiveness and reconciliation.  This is what it means,…
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A Sermon on the Canaanite Woman

Therefore, as you go out into the world this week, seek out the Canaanite in your life.  Seek out that person or group for whom you are certain stands outside of God’s Kingdom. Engage them without judging them and be ready for God to work within them and within you.
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A Sermon on the Parable of the Sower

This is our calling.  A calling to imitate our Lord and our God.  For like him, we are to sow the love of God abundantly and without distinction among all people.  For no person is beyond being a recipient of the Grace and Love of Jesus Christ. 
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A Sermon on the Beatitudes

So what does that return look like? A return to the beatific plumb line is not a matter of your own effort to just be better tomorrow. Rather it is a true return to God Himself. If your heart is out of plumb seek him out. Be in constant prayer with…
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A Sermon on the Parable of the Dishonest Manager

Be disloyal to the powers and expectations of the world.  Be disloyal to the wealth and privilege given to you. And go to debtors.  Go where you are called to serve. For there you will find Christ.  For there, you will find your eternal home.
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A Sermon on the Parable of the Prodigal Son

The purpose of the parable isn’t to teach us that God will always welcome us home or to be a joyful rule follower.  Rather, the heart of the parable, and indeed the very heart of the Gospel, is to teach us what it means to become the Father. 
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